Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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==> This Week's Original Content from The Linux Foundation <==

How Fast is Linux Growing in the Enterprise? Our New Report.
Amanda McPherson
Thanks to our work with its End User Council and other channels, we were able to solicit meaningful information that can inform Linux vendors, developers and the overall industry on what we can do to continue to advance Linux. Introducing the new report "Linux Adoption Trends: A Survey of Enterprise End Users..."

This Week's Enterprise Linux News
Jennifer Cloer
A weekly recap of the most significant enterprise Linux news and milestones. This week: Enterprise Linux study, Red Hat's new MRG, EMC's aggressive push and...

Authentication in a Changing Heterogeneous Environment
Sponsored by Centrify Editorial Staff
Tools, it should be noted, change. If they did not, as a rule, then very likely we would still be using stone knives and bearskins instead of working with these fancy computational devices made of metal, plastic, and sand. Or worse, doing all our authentication against NIS in enterprise environments...

Set Sights for Windows: Linux Moving Beyond Unix Migration in the Enterprise
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
For years, Linux has enjoyed much of its success as a replacement for Unix. Companies turned to Linux to replace Unix servers, or for new deployments within a Unix-heavy environment. Linux is still king there, but it's starting to encroach on Microsoft as well...

Replace Outlook Webmail with Open Source Zarafa
Jack Wallen
Looking for a Webmail offering that's competitive with Microsoft's Outlook Web App (OWA), but available on Linux? One of the best Outlook alternatives for Linux is Zarafa, a collaboration platform with support options for businesses that need a robust replacement for Exchange...

Manage Google Services from the Command Line on Linux
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
I love Web services. I'm just not a fan of always having to use a browser as the interface for said services. Google's services have crept into my daily routine to the point that I'm using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs all the time. But I also like doing things from the command line, which is why I'm using GoogleCL to connect to Google services from the command line. GoogleCL is a set of Python scripts that...

Weekend Project: Get Started with Btrfs
Nathan Willis

Early Halloween Guest
Linus Torvalds

==> Other News You Need to Know <==

Intel Ups 4th Quarter Sales Forecast
The San Francisco Chronicle

Oracle Pledges Support for

Mozilla Gets New CEO
International Business Times

IBM Puts Power Systems in the Cloud

Microsoft Licenses Patents Created by Palm
The Wall Street Journal

Linux Starts to Eat Microsoft's Lunch in Servers

==> From the Community <==

The Multi-OS System
Istimsak ( Moderator)

Note to All NGOs: Please Don't Make a Mess with Microsoft Donations
Marco Fioretti

==> Recently Posted Job Opportunities <==

Talented Linux System Admin
DG International (Belgium)

Linux System Admin
Savvis (Town & Country, MO)

==> Events <==

10th Annual Linux Kernel Summit
November 1-2, 2010
Cambridge, MA

3rd Annual Linux Plumbers Conference
November 3-4, 2010
Cambridge, MA


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